Promenade Ballroom Skirt

Our new Promenade ballroom skirt features ruched lace waistband, with box pleat back and shorter front hem to show off your footwork. A great go-to from studio to social dancing.

Pairs well with the Constance and Katerina bodysuits.

Front Length: 32 in / 81 cm
Back Length: 36 in / 91 cm
STYLE # B-201
Color: Black

Review the following measurements to help choose the correct size for you. 
Keep the following in mind when selecting your size:

  • The girth measurement (length) is the best indicator of size.
  • If you are still unsure and between sizes we recommend you try the larger size. We tend to fit a bit smaller than many major brands.
  • Please note our Ballroom sizing is different to our ballet leotards.


GIRTH 54-57" 57-60" 60-62" 62-64" 64-66"
BUST 30-33" 32-35" 34-37" 36-39" 38-41"
WAIST 24-27" 26-29" 28-31" 30-33" 32-35"
HIPS 32-35" 34-37" 36-39" 38-41" 40-43"

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